More than just a Boarding Up 

Licensed General Contractors

Our experienced professional team focuses on a variety of services and specializes in emergency commercial board-ups, roof tarping, temporary fencing, debris removal, and immediate repairs to get your home or business back to normal after an accident or disaster. Our immediate response board-up needs, as well as, working with our mother company, Jensen Construction which allows us to quote and restore any damaged buildings or objects. If you are in need of immediate service at any time, please contact us directly at, 626.222.9001.

Our team works hard to find cost-effective solutions without compromising the integrity of every project.


We clean up, replace and install all glass windows and doors. Including custom windows, storefronts, commercial windows, tempered glass, safety glass, laminated glass, and bullet-proof glass.

Emergency Board-up

Emergency Board-up

We understand that not only accidents, but disasters happen. We do everything in our control to minimize potential damages to your home or business prior to a storm, as well as, secure your property after an unexpected disaster occurs.

repair and restoration


Our restoration team becomes a rapid solution for minor mishap to major devastation to secure the damaged area and begin the repair process to your home or business.